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US Medical Devices Market – and How a Single Article Can Kill Your Patent

Hi, Rabbi, Dr. Yosef Freedland, Surgeon and Patent Attorney on Medical Devices here.

If it is cold where you live, remember the PLUS of freezing temperatures:

At Minus 90 degrees – Lawyers put their hands in their own pockets. ‘

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So let us continue:

The United States medical device market, possibly because of the tremendous rewards given in tort cases, is highly sensitive to flaws in medical device design.

As a result, a surgeon or physician who wishes to make his reputation may write an article on any single case that defines a flaw in a new medical device design. Such an article can provide reputation enhancement without all the costs associated with a full clinical and/or surgical of a device.

Because of the above noted tort rewards and the abhorrence of surgeons and physicians to be involved in the receiving end of cases of tort awards, such an article can spell a complete disaster for your medical device.

BTW at minus 100 degrees more positive developments occur – Hell freezes over, Clinton finally tells all. Kenneth Starr moves in with Monica. Alaskans button top button. Santa moves operations to Panama.

OK, so this is Rabbi, Dr. Yosef Freedland, Surgeon and Patent Attorney signing off with the observation that the

Brain is an apparatus with which we think we think. Ambrose Bierce – American author and journalist 1842-1913


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